This is a frequently asked questions when healthcare centers are starting the process to budget for the purchase of a new or refurbished Linear Accelerator.  It is important to not be surprised when it comes to financial obligations within a medical organization.  The answer is Yes, there is a cost to have old LINAC systems removed from your facility.  There is a cost to have new equipment installed as well but that is often combined with the price you pay for the equipment itself. 

Although linear accelerators are a machine that offers a priceless treatment in the fight against cancer with lifesaving radiation beams treating thousands of patients for countless number of years, they do become worthless.  Like most machines, over time the labor and linear accelerator parts cost more to repair the LINAC machine than it is worth.  When this occurs, the machine is worth nothing and needs not only to be removed but also properly disposed of. 

 Another element to add to the mix is the introduction of new technology.  This is a reoccurring issue that is seen in medical equipment.  Older machines cannot be updated to run properly with the latest and greatest treatments and therefore simple become worthless.  Yep, even some LINAC machines with life left in them become obsolete to healthcare providers promoting the latest and greatest treatments.  Although these machines are worthless to these facilities they can often be moved and utilized by other facilities such as veterinarians, possible dermatologists, and of course in poverty-stricken locations that would otherwise go without. 

When a linear accelerator has been deemed to have little to know value, meaning no one is willing to pay you for it, your facility will face the cost of removal.  This cost includes professional and safe dismantling, removal, and disposal of the LINAC.  This process often requires the system to be loaded onto a crane as they weigh several thousand pounds.  This should be done by professionals to prevent catastrophe. After the machine has been removed from the facility it will be tested for radioactivity and disposed of once they are cleared. 

At the end of the day, when all is said and done the cost to have a large scaled piece of medical equipment such as a linear accelerator removed, dismantled, and disposed of ranges between $5,000 and $25,000.    

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