For the first time in its history, Disney will collaborate as part of a clinical research project. Children who undergo MRI might soon experience custom-made animation, including specially made Disney stories within Philips Ambient Experience. This solution integrates architecture and design to enable technologies such as dynamic lighting, video projections, and sound to create a relaxing atmosphere.

Six hospitals across Europe have been selected to begin trials this summer; the results will be compiled and released in the fall or winter. Philips will test its Ambient Experience program using animated stories showcasing some of Disney’s most beloved characters. Disney animators will create six pieces of original, stylized Disney animation for use in hospitals. The idea is aimed at reducing fear and anxiety often felt by children who undergo MRI.

Well-known characters such as Mickey Mouse, Ariel, and those from Marvel’s Avengers, Star Wars, and others will appear in a diagnostic setting for the first time. The results from the six leading hospitals in Europe will be analyzed to alleviate children’s anxiety, create bonds, and improve staff’s ability to carry out their MRI-related tasks.

MRI scans and other medical exams can be challenging for some adults, and especially for children who are anxious, claustrophobic, or naturally wiggly. The Philips Ambient Experience currently has 2,000 installations worldwide. Its goal is to mitigate those difficulties by creating an engaging, multi-sensory imaging environment that is welcoming and relaxing for children and adults alike.

Patients can select a theme of their choice, personalizing the room’s lighting, video, and sound. Ambient Experience Patient In-bore Connect supports feelings of empowerment and control, as it lets patients relax, follow directions, and minimize motion once they are within the MRI. For younger pediatric patients, this is important to explain scan duration, helping them remain still, and reduces the need for repeat scans.

This new collaboration unifies Philips’ vast clinical knowledge and expertise with Disney’s masterful, engaging storytelling. A sense of familiarity, control, and comfort will surely result from the joint effort.

Jan Koeppen, President, The Walt Disney Company, EMEA, said, “At Disney, we look forward to complementing Philips’ MRI experience with our stories and characters. We are excited to see the results of the clinical research and to quantify the impact our characters can have in this environment.”

Through Aladdin and Jasmine on a magical carpet ride or Spiderman carefully swinging through skyscrapers, each story is customized and designed to support children in their MRI experience.

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