Many of us have never heard of a linear accelerator.  Unless you are in the medical field or involved in radiation treatment you might not realize how important this one piece of medical equipment is to the health care industry.   No time is a good time for medical facilities to have a piece of equipment down but especially so in the case of radiation oncology equipment like linear accelerators.

This is one of the main reasons that replacement parts for linear accelerators and other radiation oncology equipment are in high demand.   When a piece of radiation equipment breaks down it is crucial to the treatment of patients that it is repaired quickly to avoid downtime in patient care.  In this installment we will look at the applications of linear accelerators in medical facilities.

  • Radiation Treatment For Cancerous Tumors

Linear accelerators are mainly known as the machine that is used in radiation therapy to target cancerous tumors.  Linear accelerators accelerate electrons.  When they are speeding up, that is when they would be getting the heavy metal target. This is where the x-ray would be generated. Once that radiation is generated, then only it is targeted towards the tumor. This is one of the first methods used in chemotherapy that targets and destroys cancerous tumors.  Without the actual acceleration of the electrons, the radiation which is required for the radiation therapy would not be produced at all. That is why the linear acceleration is always required when it comes to the radiation therapy.

  • LINAC Treatment

This treatment is similar to the laser technique which is used in a wide variety of cosmetic treatments. This ensures that the healthy cells and issues around the area where it is focused are not destroyed as well. This is the reason that this application is used in treatment.  The risk of destroying the healthy tissue is minimized because the radiation is focused in on the tumor.

  • MRI

Linear accelerators are also used in MRI tests. In this test, the scanning of the different body parts is conducted in order to find out whether there is any problem with these body parts. The electrons are accelerated in order to produce the right kind of effect.

These are just some of the applications linear accelerators can be used within the medical industry. We can appreciate why there is such high demand for replacement parts for linear accelerators and other types of radiotherapy equipment knowing how crucial on time treatment and regime is in treatment.

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