Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been poised to improve the radiological process for some time, yet despite hundreds of conferences, hype, and promises, AI hasn’t made a huge impact yet. 

Part of the issue with AI’s slow integration for radiologists lies within the application. Algorithms can be applied to specific situations and places, but radiologists need to look beyond these narrow views. True workflow integration is the key to fully utilizing AI. 

Though other areas of our lives already rely on AI, radiology has not caught up with the trend. Today’s viewing software cannot suggest relevant prior imaging exams based on the current image being studied. Two strategies already exist which can help facilitate the AI process. 

Activity Pattern Identification
By recording a radiologist’s habits, AI can look for clusters of repeated actions to automate. Specifically, viewing particular images and reading aloud numbers on a corresponding screen could be achieved by AI. Or AI could monitor click patterns from radiologists to offer the most appropriate measurement tool. Personal patterns for handling protocols can also be improved by AI, which can shave valuable time and improve radiologists’ mental load. 

Information Integration
A large number of radiology algorithms accept images and output a diagnosis or prediction; however, after receiving images, the AI could include extra information with the output which would be of use to the radiologist. With this information at their fingertips, radiologists could make better clinical decisions. For example, if a radiologist is examining a specific body part where surgery had been performed, AI could display the most recent pre-operative images to allow the radiologist to compare the two more easily.  

Considered some of the most technologically forward physicians, radiologists should harness the power of AI and tap into the potential capabilities. By using pattern detection and information integration, AI can simplify tasks, clarify figures, and help to boost maximum productivity.  

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