Adverse winter weather can affect many aspects of our lives, even the pool you might have forgotten about during the cold season. Snowstorms and heavy frozen rain can impact your pool in many ways. Read on to learn how and what to do if winter weather brings heavy snow, ice, and high winds to your backyard.  

Heavy Snow
Even with a mesh cover on your pool, excessive snowfall can be an issue. Until the snow can melt, it cannot pass through the cover, which means it accumulates. Solid covers trap the snow (even if it melts) until you can remove it with a cover pump. When heavy snow falls and piles up over five inches, it can damage your pool cover. The excess weight alone can put a lot of stress on your cover, which could rip or fail if it breaks. If the snow is light and fluffy, you can use a leaf blower to push it off the pool cover. If the snow is heavy or wet, instead, use a soft push broom, leaf rake, or telescoping pool pole to get the snow off. Never step onto the pool cover to remove snow. Remove snow from the edges, with your feet on solid ground, not ice. 

Freezing snow or rain that freezes later is a challenging aspect of winter for pool owners. As the ice melts away, remember to use a cover pump to remove it. Do not attempt to crack or break the ice, as you can tear the pool cover.

Fallen Limbs
Ice storms and blizzards can throw broken tree branches and twigs on the ground. If any fall on the pool cover, remove them as carefully as possible. Check thoroughly for damage and make an urgent plan to repair or replace the pool cover as soon as possible. If debris is introduced into the pool water through a rip or hole in the cover, remove as much of it as you can to prevent a swampy mess once spring comes. Also, check the pool’s water balance to ensure there are no chemical issues.

High Winds
If not appropriately secured, pool covers can swing to and fro in high winds. Ensure your pool has adequate water tubes or blocks attached securely to the cover. Tighten winches, straps, and buckles if necessary to verify that the cables are tight.

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