Spool pools, a hybrid of a spa and pool, offer a cost-effective and space-saving solution for backyard relaxation and exercise. These compact water features combine the benefits of both pools and spas, making them suitable for both cooling off in summer and warming up in winter. Spools are particularly appealing for smaller yards but are gaining popularity in various sizes of outdoor spaces.

Key Features of Spool Pools:

Typically, a spool pool is smaller and more affordable than traditional pools, with average costs around $22,650 compared to $64,695 for a full-sized pool. They are equipped with spa-like features such as jets that allow for swimming against a current, making them ideal for exercise in limited spaces. They also require less maintenance than larger pools, using fewer resources like water and chemicals, and are cheaper to heat.

Benefits and Uses:

Spools can be used year-round; they can be heated during colder months to function like a hot tub, providing therapeutic benefits. They are versatile enough for relaxation, exercise, and even small poolside gatherings, although they’re not suitable for large parties.

Considerations Before Installation:

While spools save space, it’s essential to consider safety measures like fencing, especially if children are present. Evaluate your usage needs as spools are ideal for relaxation and exercise but have limitations for larger entertaining purposes.

A spool pool could be a perfect addition if you’re looking to enhance your backyard without committing to the space and maintenance required by a larger pool. They also allow room for other backyard activities like gardening and outdoor dining.

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