Though your swimming pool might be the last thing on your mind during the winter, it’s important to take note of how the snowy, icy weather can impact it. Read on to discover some tips to help keep your pool health in tip-top shape during the winter. 

Remove Heavy Snow
Occasional light snow is no issue, but if heavy piles of snow weigh down your pool cover, it’s cause for concern. Use a soft broom or skimmer net to push as much extra weight off as possible. Do not step on the cover, even if you think the water below is frozen. 

Protect from Freeze
If you haven’t winterized your pool, be prepared with a backup plan in case it freezes suddenly. If all the pool equipment is still connected, run the pump at high speed until the freezing temperatures have passed. Do not attempt to use a portable heater, heat lamp, or electric blanket to protect the pump or filter. These tools can damage equipment and start fires.

Create Boundaries
One of the best ways to avoid accidents and prevent anyone from accidentally stepping onto the pool cover is to set lightweight objects (think rubber or plastic cones, empty buckets, etc.) around the edges and corners to help identify the area.

Check for Rips
Tree limbs can accumulate heavy snow or ice and crack, landing on your pool cover. Remove them as soon as possible and thoroughly check for cover damage. Rips or tears can allow debris and foreign material to leech into the pool. Smaller tears can be patched, while larger or multiple rips require replacement. 

Secure the Cover
Make sure your pool cover is tightly secured to your deck or yard area and that all unsecured items, such as patio furniture, are safe from being blown about. 

To winterize your pool in an emergency, turn off the circuit breaker and open the air relief valve. Then, remove the top from any valves full of water and set your multiport valve to “winter.” Place air pillows, inflatable pool floats, or empty plastic jugs in your pool to protect your tile line from ice expansion. Use a weighted, plastic drink bottle into the skimmer to avoid damage, and wrap a towel around the vacuum breaker of your auto-fill mechanism for insulation. 


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