It’s almost pool season! If you’re hoping to remodel this spring or fall, here’s what to expect. Pool contractors commonly map out their estimated start and completion dates to organize schedules and manage expectations. Read on to review a general timetable for the pool remodeling process.

A pump is placed in the bottom of the pool attached to a hose leading out to the street. Depending on the size of your pool, the draining process can take anywhere between six to 12 hours. A loud “slurping” sound might erupt when the pool is totally drained. In this case, unplug the pump from the outlet.

The pool’s old surface is removed, primed, and tiled if the owner requested it. Getting the pool prepped correctly is imperative to the job. This process takes roughly four to six hours, depending on the crew.

Typically, homeowners select the tile they would like in their pool. After finalizing the homeowner’s selection, the tiles are laid, grouted, and set. The entire process takes roughly a day or two, depending on the pool size. If a plaster finish has been requested, the tile trims are added on the last day.

Pebble and plaster are mixed to the correct consistency and then pumped into the swimming pool using large hoses. The hand-troweling application takes roughly four to six hours.

An acid wash over the pool surface ensures the pebble application is complete. After this step, which only takes a couple of hours, the filling process can begin.

Water is added to the pool once the pebble acid wash and plaster are in place. The water must reach halfway up the tile line (or skimmer opening) before the water is turned off. If the water flow is stopped before the pool is entirely full, water lines will form on the inside of the pool. The owner should ensure the tap is left open until the pool is filled. This takes between 12 to 48 hours.

Depending on whether the pool is plaster or pebble, it will take either a few hours or a few days to complete this chemical-balancing step. Plaster is more sensitive, which means the owner will need to monitor the water’s pH level to ensure it remains acidic.

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