The key to unlocking a lifelong client can be found when you become an unwavering resource. Clients typically look for value; when you offer affordable expertise combined with quality products, they will be hard-pressed to seek services elsewhere. A strong, reliable business resource adds value to the client’s portfolio while continuing to provide top-tier products and services.

Some of the benefits of becoming a business resource or information hub for clients include:

  1. Authority: you become your client’s go-to for questions in the decision-making process. It is imperative to become a hub for your client when they have a decision to make. Financial planners, for example, consult hundreds of clients who share their entire monetary portfolios. Other life decisions are put into the hands of different business genres such as home, auto, and health insurance, mortgages, and attorneys for legal counsel. If you position yourself as a steadfast resource, you are further embedded as a business they trust.
  2. Retention: as a business hub, you are able to assist your clients with other stressors in their lives, which means they are far less likely to turn to your competition. They will value you for whatever primary product or service you are providing. Moreover, they will most likely value your insight and refer to you for other ideas. Your clients will appreciate a steadfast resource, making them more loyal to you.
  3. Referrals: the greater the number of loyal clients who trust your business, the higher your referral rate will skyrocket. Clients who are satisfied with your services and see your overall value will more-than-likely refer you to family, friends, and other businesses.

Becoming an authority, securing retention, and gaining referrals are all quite powerful benefits of acting as a valuable resource for your clients. Implementing these strategies will yield harmonious results.

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