Our eyes are arguably the most important of our five senses.  Even though we know this there are a few bad habits that all of us are guilty of that can severely damage our eye sight.  There are some bad habits that don’t really seem to pose a major threat like biting your fingernails but there are others like not flossing or smoking that can literally cause our teeth to fall out.  When it comes to these 4 bad habits that affect our eye sight it is crucial that we take the steps necessary to stop the impact they have on our vision.

Screen Time

It is hard in the world that we live in now to not spend a ton of time in front of a screen.  Whether its for work or pleasure, a cell phone, computer, or television the amount of time we spend focused on the screen can harm our eyesight.  Screens emit a blue light that has been known to be a contributor of eye strain.  To avoid the strain that screens put on your eyes it is advised to take frequent breaks throughout the day.  This will help your eyes rest and prevent the strain from causing permanent damage to your eyesight.

Eye Rubbing

There are several reasons that rubbing your eyes can be harmful to your vision.   First off, our hands are constantly touching surfaces that are covered with germs.  These germs are easily transferred from our hands into our eyes exposing them to god knows what we have picked up along the way.

Cornea damage is also possible from the constant motion of rubbing your eyes.  Damage done to your eyes cornea often results in the loss of vision.  If you are rubbing your eyes to rid them of debris, it is important to remember that your eyes will automatically produce tears if your eye needs to wash away foreign elements your eye is exposed.  To properly care for your vision, try to keep your hands away from your eyes as much as possible.  If you find this impossible keep your hands clean using soap and water or anti-bacteria hand wash.

Sleeping with Makeup On

It is inevitable that after a late night we accidentally fall asleep with a full face of makeup on.  Not only is this terrible for your complexion it can be incredibly harmful to your eyes.  It is important to make a habit out of removing all makeup from your face at the end of the day.  Makeup collects a wide range of bacteria throughout the day that transfers to your pillow case if not washed off properly.  This greatly reduces your risk of developing an eye infection.

Forgetting Sunglasses

We have all heard about how UV rays affect our skin but what about our eyes?  Sunglasses are a popular accessory that really are a necessity in protecting your eyes not only from the damaging UV rays but also to exposure of direct sunlight as well as wind.  Damage from exposure to UV rays can lead to cataracts and macular degeneration.

Play it safe and head these warnings from local ophthalmologists on the harmful effects of improperly caring for your eyes.

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