Getting the best result out of your laser eye surgery occurs when you take the necessary steps to prepare for before and after the procedure.   As with any surgery, there are certain risks involved.  This is just one of the reasons it is important that you do everything possible to prevent issues from arising.  Below you will find some basic tips that can help assure you get the best results possible from your LASIK procedure.

Laser Vision Correction Precautionary Steps

Even before LASIK is scheduled there are certain things that you can do to adjust your routine in order to receive the best results from your laser eye surgery.

  • If you wear contact lenses, it is best to stop wearing them for a few weeks leading up to the surgery. Contact lenses distort the shape of the cornea which can cause the results from your LASIK procedure to be less than perfect.
  • Do not use any type of eye drops for at least a week before your laser vision correction surgery.
  • Avoid scents and makeup for a few days leading up to the procedure as well including the day of. The day of it is important not to use creams, lotion, or any other chemical substance near your eyes.
  • Any and all eye conditions that you have previously suffered from are important details to mention to your eye surgeon.
  • Arrange for transportation to and from the surgery. If at all possible, find someone who is willing to stay with you as well.  You will be under the influence of medication for awhile after the surgery and your sight will be off, so driving is not advised.

Post Surgery Recommendations

There are many ways in which to enhance your healing after LASIK.  For the best results post-surgery follow the advice of your eye surgeon and consider the tips below.

  • Hold off on bathing above your neck for the first few days post-op. The last thing that you want to do is to accidentally expose the area to any soaps or chemicals accidentally.
  • Rely on friends and family to drive you until your eyes are fully healed
  • Do not use any types of creams, makeup, face products, or scents near your eyes. Also, wait to modify your hair color for a few weeks after surgery.  Your eyes will be incredibly sensitive, and the chemical scent can literally burn your eyes.
  • Avoid exercise as well. Skip strenuous workouts for at least a week.  Your body needs time to heal after surgery and something as important as your eye sight is not worth risking.
  • Throw out older makeup and start fresh. Makeup harbors bacteria and even though you won’t be wearing it for awhile it is important to not compromise the health of your eyes with an infection.
  • Use protective eye wear especially sunglasses when leaving the house. The sun can damage even the healthiest of eyes.  Unhealed eyes are especially sensitive.  Sunglasses also help to eliminate debris such as sand and other dirt particles from entering your eye.


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