Player Performance is of utmost importance in the sports realm, especially basketball. Superior ball-handling skills are required to shoot, dodge, and move around the court rapidly. For ultimate hand-eye coordination, athletes should have good vision.

Basketball players continuously use their eyes to calculate depth, distance, and rapidly-moving players around them. Lightning-fast risk and reward assessments also come in to play, quite literally, and can win – or cost – them the game.

Poor vision limits hand-eye coordination; the better an athlete can see, the better he or she performs. A basketball player’s eyes are just as important as their hands when it comes to mastering the game. Eyeglasses or goggles easily fall off, limit performance by not allowing peripheral vision, and be a potential hazard. Contact lenses are an option, but also pose issues due to their lightweight nature; they can easily be knocked out of the eye or become displaced, causing blurry vision. Moreover, glasses or contacts are unable to protect the eyes during rain or snowstorms.

LASIK is ideal for athletes or other individuals who move quickly or are frequently in the elements. It’s an ideal choice for people who rely on their vision to successfully maneuver through obstacles, catch or release objects such as basketballs, and adequately calculate distance.

Andre Drummond, a Cleveland Cavalier basketball player, decided to undergo LASIK eye surgery to correct his vision before the shortened 2020-2021 NBA season. He and a list of other notable players who have had LASIK include Philadelphia 76ers forward Tobias Henry, Chris Paul of the Phoenix Suns, and LeBron James, the LA Lakers superstar.

Even amateur athletes or those who enjoy being active can reap the benefits of LASIK. To learn more about improving your vision with LASIK, contact the Rohr Eye & Laser Center professionals today.

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