Are you tired of wearing glasses? Probably, people around you have developed an annoying habit to comment on your glasses every day. This is terrible! If you want to move a step ahead from this irritating situation of your life then it is good to consider Lasik Eye Surgery as one of the most potent solutions for your vision.

The Choice Of Lasik

The Lasik Eye Surgery procedure is often recommended for vision correction as it helps by re-shaping cornea so that your eyes can focus correctly. It is currently one of the most trustworthy solutions for vision problems and millions of people around the world are taking benefits of this method. However, before you make final decision to go for Lasik Eye Surgery, it is important to check criteria to verify if you are the right candidate for this treatment or not.

Is Lasik Eye Surgery is right for you or not:

  • Your prescription is stable for a long time:

If your prescription keeps on fluctuating within few months or in a couple of years, Lasik Eye Surgery is not the right choice for you. In order to try this treatment, it is important to have healthy eyes with a stable prescription. Professionals also reveal that person who wants to undergo Lasik surgery should not be affected with Keratoconus, a degenerative disorder of eyes.

  • Your overall health also matters:

In order to undergo Lasik eye surgery, it is essential to have a great immune system so that your body can have abilities to heal fast after surgery. People that are already suffering from lupus, rheumatoid arthritis or collagen vascular disease are advised to avoid Lasik treatment. Patients are also desired to have the right diabetic condition to have this treatment.

  • You fall in the right age group:

Lasik Eye Surgery is not for all rather it is recommended for the specific age group. In case if you want to correct nearsightedness using Lasik Eye Surgery then you must be 18 years old or more and those who want to use this treatment for correction of astigmatism and farsightedness must be at least 21 years old.

  • You are motivated to undergo this treatment:

The major goal of a Lasik eye surgery is to give you correct vision, same as that you have with normal glasses. If this goal can be achieved with treatment, then only we can call it right vision correct technique for you. Lasik has the ability to eliminate lenses so that you can get rid of all complications. This treatment is completely safe and is a trusted way to adjust vision. However, in order to undergo this treatment, the patient must be motivated to cope with all the risks and healing process of this treatment.

  • It is not for pregnant ladies:

Note that, Lasik treatment is not suitable for pregnant ladies as well as to nursing mothers. You may have to wait for some time to undergo this treatment and to develop abilities to adjust to the healing process.

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