Laser eye surgery is performed to help improve a person’s eye sight.  Most LASIK patients are seeking freedom from wearing eye glasses and contact lenses.  If this describes what you are looking for, laser vision correction surgery may just be the best option for you.  While laser eye surgery is effective in correcting the visions issues many Michigan residents are facing, the procedure cannot be performed on everyone.  If you or a loved one are considering laser surgery, it is important to schedule an appointment with a LASIK surgeon to discuss your specific needs.

If you are just beginning to look into this treatment option as an effective method to correct your vision issues there are some general guidelines below to consider.

Considering Age

First it is important to note that laser eye surgery is not performed on candidates under eighteen years of age.  In fact, many eye surgeons prefer that clients be a bit older to undergo the procedure.  As you age your vision tends to change even more.  In order to avoid having to perform LASIK more than once it is best done on candidates whose vision is less likely to change drastically in the coming years.

Health Of Your Eyes

The health of your eyes is another element to consider.  Laser eye surgery is performed to correct eye sight.  To qualify, your eyes must me healthy and free from eye disease, infection, scars, and corneal abnormalities.

Physically Able to Withstand Surgery

As a LASIK patient you are required to lay down.  It is important that you are able to do so without experiencing pain or discomfort.  Vision correction using a laser will be an impossible surgery to undergo if you are unable to lay flat for a period of time without being in pain.

Ability To Focus Your Eyes

Patients undergoing laser vision correction must be able to keep their eyes focused on a single light point for a few minutes.  This helps to guarantee positive results.  With the technology that is used today, lasers have the capacity to keep up with a patient’s eye movement however, the results of those who are able to focus without eye movement often have better results.

Refrain From Using Contacts Before Surgery

Patients must not wear their contact for about a month before the laser eye correction procedure.  This is because, contact lenses affect the shape of the cornea and will in turn affect the results of the eye examination that is done.  For the most accurate eye exam and results, patients must rely solely on their eye glasses for a significant period of time before their surgery.

As with any type of procedure or surgery there is a fair share of risk involved.  With this in mind all patients must sign a consent waiver prior to surgery.  It offers hospitals and medical practitioners protection from legal ramifications if something goes wrong during the procedure.  This is most often NOT the case but is becoming more and more procedural before surgical events.

Call to schedule an appointment with a local eye surgeon today to see if you qualify to undergo LASIK.  Chances are if you are over eighteen, your eyes are healthy, you are able to lay flat for an extended period of time without discomfort, you can live without your contact lenses for a month, and can assume the risks involved you will be a perfect laser eye correction patient.

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