Scientists from Harvard Medical School have successfully restored vision in old mice by “reprogramming” cells to a younger state in which they can fix or replace damaged tissue. This accomplishment is the first to show it might be possible to safely reprogram complex tissues to a previous state. The researchers successfully reversed eye damage from glaucoma in mice; glaucoma is the leading cause of blindness worldwide. Notable retina benefits included nerve regeneration and reversal of vision loss in animals with and without glaucoma.

Further studies will undoubtedly pave the way for tissue reprogramming to be tested on other organs, thereby reversing age-related diseases in humans. Further studies remain to be replicated prior to human experimentation; however, this novel discovery paves the way for reversing age-related human ailments.

The researchers theorized aging results from cells within the body containing the same DNA molecules but drastically varied roles. These cells only read genes specific to their type. The theory suggests that changes can cause cells to read the “wrong” genes and malfunction, which in turn causes the aging process to decline/reverse.

Aging reduces the efficiency of all cells and organs in our bodies; our brains are no exception. Circuit-forming neurons can adapt to change, regenerating in response to injury. This process weakens over time, which has long been known, but how these shifts lead to deterioration is still unknown.

Eye conditions that damage the optic nerve can result in glaucoma. Without healthy optic nerves, blindness can result. Abnormally high eye pressure is usually the cause of significant impairment. One of the leading causes of blindness in people ages 60 and up is glaucoma. The absence of specific warning signs combined with a gradual effect is usually a perfect storm for glaucoma’s presence to be noticed at an advanced stage.

There are many risk factors to consider regarding glaucoma; additionally, preventative measures can be implemented to ensure vision loss is not taking place or worsening.

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