According to researchers, most patients with hand and wrist osteoarthritis do not see a long-term improvement in pain after using topical analgesics. 

Yuchen Liu, BS, said, “Hand and wrist osteoarthritis (OA) is a highly prevalent upper extremity condition, with every one in two women and one in four men experiencing symptoms by the age of 85 years old, which strongly limits their activities of daily living. Oral analgesics were commonly prescribed to manage their symptoms; however, long-term use was associated with adverse side effects.” 

Liu and other researchers sent a 26-questionnaire to 100 adults diagnosed with hand or wrist OA. VAS pain scores, and patient-reported changes in stiffness, swelling, and overall condition improvement, were measured. 

Fifty-one (63.75 percent) out of eighty patients who completed the survey said they used topical analgesics to relieve pain. However, those who used them incurred higher pain scores (an average of 18 points higher) than those who did not use topical analgesics. Also, their VAS pain scores immediately improved by an average of 24.8 points after the analgesia was used. 

Some patients who used topical analgesics (63.46 percent) described mild- to zero improvements, while 39.6 percent revealed no improvement in stiffness, and 41.8 percent reported no improvement in the swelling. 

Topical analgesics can be effective in some instances, but discrepancies suggest this treatment is ineffective as a long-term therapy option for hand and wrist OA. 

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