It’s that time of year again and gardening is a great way to get physical activity while improving your surroundings. Unfortunately, many people are injured while using mechanical and non-mechanical gardening tools. Emergency rooms treat many outdoor garden enthusiasts due to tool-related accidents annually. Ensure you are using proper safety techniques to avoid paying a hospital visit.

Gloves: Wearing gloves will not only minimize blistering; they will also protect your skin from bacteria, fungi, fertilizers, pesticides, and such. Even the tiniest cuts can develop into a significant problem if left untreated. Leather or thick rubber gloves also shield your hands from poison ivy, thorns, insect bites, and skin irritants. Not to mention, gloves prevent fingernail damage and keep your hands sparkly clean.

Repetition: It’s best to avoid repetition that your hands or wrists aren’t used to such as digging, raking, trimming, pruning, or planting. Skin, tendon, and nerve irritation can occur, along with blistering. To minimize pain or other issues, rotate your tasks every 15 minutes with a small rest between them to ensure the same muscle is not repeatedly being exercised.

Tools: Tools are made for a reason! Utilize them, rather than your hands, for digging. Sharp objects or other debris can poke through deep soil and cut your hands. Remove objects from your work area before beginning to avoid damage to your hands or tools. Use the correct instrument based on the job you are trying to accomplish. Purchase brands with safety locks and ergonomic handles when possible. Unplug and disconnect equipment when not in use and remember to keep sharp items away from children.

Posture: Relative to your entire body position, ensure your wrist is at an angle that is adequate for using hand tools. When the wrist is in a relaxed or neutral position, grip strength is at its maximum. When the wrist is bent, grip strength can be reduced significantly.

If you experience severe injury, visit the emergency room as soon as possible. Remember to enjoy gardening by using your hands with care and with the assistance of proper tools.

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