Tumors within the hand can be many different shapes and sizes. Technically, tumors can be cancerous, but most are benign. Common hand and wrist tumors are both above and below the skin.

These extremely common bumps are non-cancerous and spread due to the human papillomavirus (HPV) easily. Warts are mostly harmless but can be embarrassing, rough or dry, and itchy. Many wart-removal procedures exist, and it is possible to remove them at home effectively. Pumice stones, over-the-counter freezing kits, or certain chemicals are all viable options.

Ganglion Cysts
Some of the most common tumors in the hand, ganglion cysts, can fluctuate in size and appearance. They might be soft or firm, appearing on the wrist or base of a finger. Sometimes these cysts can appear to be smaller than a pea. The cause of these tumors is unknown, and they might be painful. Treatment options include aspiration or surgical removal.

Giant Cell Tumors
The second most common tumors are usually solid and not filled with liquid. Over time, they may slowly grow larger. These tumors are not cancerous.

Epidermal Inclusion
Also benign, these tumors can form where a cut or puncture previously occurred. A soft, waxy material called keratin is what makes up most of the tumor.

One condition that is commonly mistaken for a tumor is Dupuytren’s contracture. This condition causes firm pits, bumps, and cords in the palm, making it difficult to flatten completely. However, it is not technically a tumor.

A specialist should examine hand or wrist tumors to ensure they are benign. Hand surgeons can help devise treatment options through x-rays or bone scans. While sometimes the best option is to leave it alone, other times surgery might be required. There are also many non-surgical options.  

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