Thumb sprains are injuries to a ligament, a soft tissue that connects bones at the joints. Thumb fractures, on the other hand, are bone breaks, and different injuries altogether. The most injured ligament is the ulnar collateral, which connects the thumb to the hand on the side closest to the index finger.

These injuries are commonly stemmed from falls or sports injuries. Skiing, basketball, and other contact sports result in many thumb injuries. People generally try to catch themselves while falling, resulting in bent thumbs in awkward positions.

Signs of a thumb sprain

  1. Swelling
  2. Pain
  3. Bruising
  4. Weakness
  5. Inability to hold a glass or write

Jammed fingers are another common issue and can result in similar symptoms. However, jammed fingers can still be used and moved, whereas sprains cannot.

Treatments for thumb sprains

Until you can get into a doctors’ office, elevate and ice the injured hand. Apply bandages, so the thumb is immobilized until a doctor examines the injury.

To determine the severity of your injury, visit a hand surgeon as soon as possible. X-rays might be taken to see whether ligaments are torn or bones are broken. Casts or splints might be prescribed for torn ligaments. If treatment is delayed, damage to the thumb could be permanent. Don’t delay in visiting a medical professional.

Sprained thumbs can be treated with a brace or cast. In severe cases, surgery might be necessary; otherwise, recovery takes roughly three- to six weeks to fully heal.

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