Medicare is a good basic health coverage program for the elderly, which helps eliminate some of the high cost of medical care. However, while Medicare covers a lot of the health care costs it does not cover all the costs which is where the Medigap insurance comes in.

What is Medigap Insurance?

Medigap insurance is insurance you buy from a private insurance company that is licensed to carry this type of insurance. Like other types of insurance, you pay monthly premiums to the insurance company for this additional insurance.

In order to get Medigap insurance you must have both Medicare part A and part B but cannot have a Medicare Advantage policy or have a Medicare Medical Savings Account Plan. Your Medigap insurance premium must be paid in addition to the premium you pay for your Medicare part B. In addition, Medigap insurance only covers one person, so if both you and your spouse have Medicare and want Medigap insurance, you both must carry a policy, and both have to pay premiums for the coverage.

Why Is Medigap Insurance Useful?

Medicare pays 80% of your medical bills after you have paid the Medicare part B deductible. That means 20% of your medical bills need to be paid by you. Medigap insurance helps cover the other 20% of the health care costs that is not covered by your Medicare insurance including those co-pays and deductibles and health care you receive when you are visiting outside the United States.

There are some things that Medigap insurance won’t cover including:

  • Prescription Medication- (since 2006)
  • Vision care
  • Dental care
  • Hearing aids
  • Eye glasses
  • Private Duty Nursing care

Medigap Insurance is Renewed Even if Your Health Deteriorates

As long as you continue to pay your Medigap insurance on time every month, your Medigap insurance can’t be denied even if your health deteriorates and your medical bills rise. This gives you a feeling of security when seeking health care.

Additional Information Regarding Medigap Insurance

There is some additional information regarding Medigap insurance you should be aware of if you are considering getting a Medigap insurance policy. Any Insurance company that sells you a Medigap insurance policy must clearly identify the policy as Medicare supplement insurance.

There are several Medigap insurance policies available and all Medigap insurance policies must offer the same basic benefits, but some policies offer additional benefits along with the basic benefits.

In addition, any insurance company that sells Medigap insurance must offer Plan A and either Plan C or plan F. However, they do have to offer every Medigap plan that is available, so you need to learn about the various plans so that you choose the plan that is right for needs.

Medigap insurance can help you offset the rising costs of medical care as you grow older. While you do have to pay monthly premiums for your Medigap insurance the cost of these premiums may be offset by the amount of money you save in medical bills. Only you can decide if Medigap insurance is right for and which policy will best meet your needs.


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