Medicare supplement plans also known as Medigap insurance is designed specifically to help individuals covered by Original Medicare. These plans are designed in a way that they will help individuals fill the gaps left by Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B. More than 164,000 people in Tennessee are enrolled in a Medicare supplemental insurance plan. Enrollees wishing to participate in the Medicare supplement insurance program within TN must be a Tennessee resident that is enrolled in Medicare Part A and B. This automatically qualifies them for Medigap. The best way to go about applying for Medicare Part is to enroll as soon as you have turned 65 years old otherwise you run the risk as you get older that the Medicare supplement policy premiums will drastically increase.

When is the best time to enroll for Tennessee Medicare Supplement Plans?

Medicare in Tennessee is simple to enroll in.  As soon as you turn sixty five and for six months after you can choose to enroll in Medicare Part A and Part B as well as supplemental insurance plan A through N.   Medicare supplemental insurance plans A through N offer a variety options in coverage.  Therefore it is necessary for Medicare participant to compare plans and rates, choosing the one that best fits the health care and budget needs of the individual.

Currently the state of Tennessee offers ten different supplemental insurance plans to choose from.  Each of the ten plans offers some basic benefits while others offer a set amount of a percentage of basic benefits.

  • Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plan A: All basic benefits are offered
  • Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plan B: All basic benefits covered in Plan A and Part A’s deductible
  • Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plan C: All basic benefits, along with skilled nursing, Part A and Part B deductible, and foreign emergency coverage
  • Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plan D: All basic benefits, along with skilled nursing, Part A deductible, and foreign emergency coverage
  • Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plan F of F Prime: All basic benefits, plus skilled nursing facility, Part A and Part deductible, foreign emergency coverage, and 100% Part B excess
  • Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plan G: All basic benefits, skilled nursing facility, Part B excess 100%, Part A deductible, and foreign emergency cost coverage
  • Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plan K: 50% basic benefits, 100% hospitalization and preventative care, nursing facility, 50% Part A deductible, and out of pocket expenses will be limited to $4,640
  • Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plan L: 75% of basic benefits, 100% preventive and hospitalization, 75% of skilled nursing, 75% of Part A deductible, out of pocket expenses $2,320
  • Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plan M: 100% Plan B co-insurance, basic benefits, co-insurance of skilled nursing facility, 50% of Part A deductibles, and foreign travel emergency
  • Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plan N: All basic benefits, 100% Plan B coinsurance (except for office visits where the individual is required to pay $20 per visit), $50 per ER visit, co-

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