Medicare doesn’t cover everything, which is why many seniors look to Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plans to get more from their insurance policy. Medicare is health insurance for those who are 65 years and older. As the largest health insurance program in the U.S., it covers more than 40 million people. There are four parts to Medicare – A, B, C and D.

Medicare part A is hospital insurance and covers any inpatient hospital care.  Medicare Part B is medical insurance, covering services like doctors, outpatient care, home care and medical equipment.  Medicare Advantage, Part C is a health care plan that covers similar aspects of Original Medicare along with prescription drug coverage, dental and hearing for an extra premium. Medicare Supplemental Plan D is considered Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage, covering the cost of prescription drugs.

Medigap insurance covers the gap that Original Medicare Part A and Part B don’t cover.  If you’re interested in supplemental insurance like Medigap, the best time to purchase this insurance is during the 6-month Medigap enrollment period that starts the month a person turns 65.  Participants must also be enrolled in both parts of Original Medicare, Part A and Part B. After this enrollment period, you can’t purchase a policy without undergoing medical assessments and paying higher priced premiums.

If you purchase during Medigap enrollment, insurance companies can’t use underwriting to decide if they should accept you or not and how much they’ll charge you. And if you have any health problems, you’ll be able to purchase the same coverage at the same price as those in good health.  If you wait until after this period of time you may be required to undergo the underwriting policy.

To find Medicare supplemental insurance plans, do some research on providers near you. That way you can compare plans to see what’s best for you and your health needs, discuss any questions you might have with a representative and get professional insights from a licensed insurance agent.  This will allow you to compare policies and premiums before you sign up for Medigap insurance.

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