The best time to purchase Medicare Supplemental Insurance is during the six month enrollment period which begins on the first day of the month in which you turn 65 years old and have enrolled in Medicare Plan B.

This means that if you are enrolled in Medicare Plan B at age 64 and your birthday is June 23 then your open enrollment period is June 1 – November 30.  However, if you wait to enroll in Medicare Part B until you are 68, then your open enrollment period starts once the Part B coverage begins.

The reason that your open enrollment period is the ideal time to purchase Medicare Supplemental Insurance is that legally they are required to sell coverage during these six months without charging you more for any existing health problems.  If you perform have a pre-existing condition you should know that when you purchase Medicare Supplemental Insurance during open enrollment the insurance company may refuse to cover out of pocket expenses that are incurred due to the pre-existing condition for up to six months after you are first enrolled.  The one exception to this is if you are moving from another creditable coverage source for at least sixty three consecutive days before enrolling in Supplemental Insurance.   They are then required to begin coverage immediately.

If you decide to wait to purchase a Medicare Supplemental Plan in Arizona after open enrollment has ended you could face difficulties in medical underwriting.  Medical underwriting is a formula that private insurance companies use to decide whether or not to sell you supplemental coverage and at what premium.  This means if you have a health problem then you are likely to be charged a higher premium over an otherwise healthy person.

Even if you miss your open enrollment period there are certain cases in which you have called “guaranteed issue rights”.  This ensures that you have the same benefits as if you would have enrolled in a Medicare Advantage Plan but your plan leaves Medicare or ends care in your area or move outside the plan’s service area.  There are several other cases in which you have guaranteed issue rights so check with your insurance company to get further details.

There are many factors to consider when purchase supplemental insurance coverage in Arizona.  There are a number of strict rules about Medicare and Supplemental Insurance coverage so knowing what is covered and what is not may not helps with mapping out a treatment plan for patients.  Timing is crucial as Medicare Supplemental Plans are constantly being revised.  Medicare recipients need to be diligent in learning all the facts and exercise their rights when looking for and buying Medicare Supplemental Insurance coverage.

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