Many Arizona seniors, as they near their 65th birthday and enroll in Medicare are searching for the best Medicare supplement plan in Arizona. This state is famously popular as a retirement destination. Out of 6,612,624 Arizonans, over 18% are 65 and over, below is how these seniors are distributed in the largest Arizona cities:

  • Phoenix: 8.4%
  • Chandler: 7.8%
  • Scottsdale: 20.0%
  • Glendale: 9.2%
  • Tucson: 11.9%
  • Mesa: 14.1%

Unsurprisingly, nearly a million residents of Arizona depend on Medicare for their primary source of Medigap coverage. In today’s crowded Arizona Medicare market, seniors have many choices. Looking at the big picture, seniors have two basic options: choose one of 10 standardized Medicare supplement policies or find a good Medicare Advantage plan. Either choice can be sound, depending on your personal health care tastes.

Medicare supplement policies all come with a monthly premium, and the costs will differ from company to company. However, each company’s plans are all the same.  Many insurance companies offer a teaser premium for the first few years to attract new clients turning 65. With all that similarity in the insurance plans, what should a Medicare beneficiary be looking for?

Seniors should be looking for companies with:

  • An insurance company with a history of consistent premium costs free of huge increases
  • Excellent customer services and easy bill paying services
  • A track record of verifiable financial stability

Recipients may choose from several Medicare supplement plans available in Arizona. These plans are denoted by letters. There are ten standardized lettered plans, and each lettered plan must offer the same benefits regardless of the insurance company offering it but the cost may differ. The correct choice will, however, be different for each person, depending upon their health care objectives and economic realities. The most popular type is Medigap Plan F and is also available in Arizona.

Coverage does not generally include additional care, such as hearing, vision, or dental, although other benefits, like coverage while traveling outside of the country, may be provided. Coverage may also include out-of-pocket costs such as coinsurance, deductibles, and copayments. Prescription drug coverage, however, is not covered by Medicare supplement plans in Arizona.

Your choice of either Medicare Part A, Part B, with a Medicare Supplement, Medicare Advantage plan, or Medicare Part A and/or Medicare Part B alone, will depend upon your medical conditions, where you live, and the money you can spend on medical care.  Medicare supplemental insurance plans in Arizona cannot stand alone and can only be purchased with Original Medicare.

In Arizona, all 2017 Medicare Supplement plans have to comply with the official levels set out by Medicare. These cover supplements with names from A to N. Every Medicare supplement plan has to allow primary benefits like Part A hospital coinsurance.

The one thing to remember is that each Medicare supplement plan in Arizona is identical from one company or another. Various companies also charge different premiums, so you may consider Arizona Medicare Supplement plans for 2017 offered by these top companies when you want to make a comparison:

  • Aetna Medigap Plans
  • Colonial Penn Life Insurance Company
  • Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement Plans
  • Humana
  • Cigna Medicare Supplement Plans
  • Physicians Mutual Insurance Company
  • AARP Medigap Plans
  • Banker Fidelity Life Insurance Company
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona
  • Globe Life and Accident Insurance

Learn more about Arizona Medicare Supplemental Insurance plans, rates and more at  Our Arizona Medicare Supplemental Insurance brokers will help you compare Medicare Supplemental Insurance rates and plans in Arizona.  To talk to an expert in Arizona Medicare coverage toll free 888.404.5049 today!





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