Among other businesses manufacturing companies often need to ship their products to warehouses and to market. If you have a new business that ships freight as part of your business, you may be wondering whether you should hire a freight carrier service or a freight forwarder to get your goods to market. To decide which type of company to choose when shipping your freight, you need to know the difference between freight forwarders and freight carriers.


A freight forwarder is company that works as a middle man between the company needing to ship the product and the freight trucking company that carries the freight. They arrange for various companies to haul your goods from point A to B sometimes involving several different freight carrier services to transport your goods.

A freight carrier on the other hand is the company that hauls your freight from point A to point B. While both types of companies will get your goods where they need to go there are some benefits to you working with the freight carrier service directly.


These benefits include:

Cutting Out the Middle Man

When hiring a freight forwarder, you often pay more money to ship your goods because you need to pay the freight trucking company’s cost for hauling your goods and pay an addition fee to the forwarder for arranging for the hauling of your freight. Over the course of a year this can end up costing your hundreds if not thousands of dollars more to ship your goods. You have no control over the freight carrier service the forwarder selects and less control of amount of your shipping costs. By cutting out the middle man and hiring the freight trucking company yourself you likely will end up paying less to get your goods to market.


Ability to Negotiate Shipping Rates Yourself


By dealing with the freight carrier Service directly you are able to negotiate yourself for a better rate than you might otherwise get. Since cost is a large part of doing business having more control over your shipping costs may make the difference between success of your business or its failure. Depending on the amount of goods you need to ship you can often negotiate much better rates than you get through a Freight Forwarder.


You Can Choose A Company You Trust


Another important benefit of hiring the freight carrier service yourself is that you can choose the company of your choice and one that you trust. You also have the ability of forming an excellent working relationship with a specific freight trucking and building a relationship of trust and may be able to form a relationship where the Freight carrier service comes to depend on your business and will go the extra mile to see that your goods are delivered on time.

While both the freight forwards and the freight carrier will get your goods to market, hiring a freight carrier service yourself to hire your goods has some distinct benefits.


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