A leak in your homes roof can cause some damage to your home and cost you some serious money if not caught and dealt with.  If water is allowed to accumulate, overtime you can expect to see saggy drywall, mold, and rotting wood frames.  When you see the damage, you should repair the damage. Call a roofing contractor ASAP.  Usually roof repairs are not simple matters.  It requires diagnostics and a detailed analysis of repairing the roof verse replacing the roof.  This guide can help.

Leaky Roofs

When your roof has a leak, it is crucial you fix it immediately.  Repairs to leaking roofs need to be permanent verse temporary.  You have a few choices when it comes to repairing leaks.

•           If your roof is sound overall besides one or two week spots the damage may just be from something out of the norm like a falling branch or a strong windstorm.  When making repairs be sure they are permanent.

•           If your roof is showing signs of wear, then making repairs will only solve a temporary problem before other leaks appear.  This will be the time you will want to start considering a new roof.

•           If you need a bit to prepare for the roof replacement, leaks can be covered with tarps or plywood until the process of getting a new roof can begin.

•           If you know you are unable to install a new roof anytime soon then go ahead and make semi-permanent repairs.  Replaces shingles, perform attic inspections, and after it rains be prepared to repair interior damage.

Roof Problems

Without ever noticing an issue, it is still crucial that you inspect your roof twice a year.  You will look for cupping, splitting, water damage, missing shingles, issues with gutters, and more.  Below are some issues that are common and how to fix them.

Replacing Shingles

During your bi-yearly roof inspection you may notice a few missing shingles.  If this is the case, you can most often fix this without the need to call in a professional.  Locate the area where the shingle is missing and using shingles leftover from the original install replace the shingle.  Remove all of the damages shingling, install fresh underlayment, and replace the shingle.  Flat roofs are a bit different and require assistance from roofing contractors that specialize in flat roofing.

Attic Ventilation

Your roof and attic need to breathe otherwise air will be trapped and ruin the insulation and cause mold which leads to rot.  Vents are a key element in roofing.  Without vents, ice can build up in the winter because no warm air would ever reach the attic.  There are four types of vents to be aware of: soffit, ridge, roof, and gable vents.

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