It is crucial for homeowners to perform thorough maintenance on their homes at the beginning of the spring season.  Once the winter weather thaws and the sun starts peaking through it is easier to notice issues where your home could benefit from some attention.


Roofing contractors are an important element in the inspection of your homes roof.  We all like to think we could spot a problem with our roof however it is not always so simple especially for the novice eye.  When shingles are missing or have become cracked it is not always seen from the ground.  A roofer can spot these and replace them with a rooftop inspection.  If shingles have shifted it is important for a roofer to install new fasteners.  It is also crucial that the build up of pine needles, leaves, and debris in the valleys and peaks of your homes roof is removed and not allowed to settle in the home’s gutters.


Brick chimneys can also benefit from springtime maintenance.  It is important for homeowners to check out the chimney material whether it is brick or stone.  How are the joints, is there loose mortar?  Have weeds started growing, is there evidence of water, or a white calcium deposit?  These are all signs that your chimney needs maintenance


Your homes foundation is the most important element as it keeps your home standing.  An inspection of your homes concrete foundation should look for cracks of all sizes.  If there is a crack in the foundation you will need to higher a foundation specialist to bond the crack chemically.  A two-part epoxy injection system is used to ensure the crack will not further expand. 


Windows with leaks in the seal around them will let warm air in during the summer and cool air to escape in the winter.  It is important to check the caulk and weather stripping to make sure it has remained in place throughout the winter.  Condensation on the inside of the double-glazed windows during the month often means that the weather seal has been compromised.  This means that the window will need to be replaced. 

Leaky Faucets

Spring is the perfect time to inspect faucets inside and outside of your home.  Check for leaks, clogs, and sweaty pipes.  Look under your sinks for proper connections to ensure there are know leaks coming from underneath.  Examine dishwashers, washing machines, and other appliances with sources of water for staining.  Repair or replace hoses and pipes for cracks, bulges, and/or dampness.

Air Conditioners

Just as homeowners are expected to inspect their homes heating systems in the fall, they should inspect their cooling systems in the spring.  Air conditioners need to be in good working order to ensure they are ready for the heat of the summer.  Change out the systems filter, check hoses and connections and ensure the drain is able to freely drain. 

Homeowners should also inspect and perform maintenance on their attics, windows, and basements.  Your home is your most valuable asset and should be cared for as such.  A little general maintenance a couple of times a year can increase the longevity of the systems that are in place.

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