Have you taken a look at the siding on your home recently? Over time it can breakdown and begin to look unsightly.  Since it is a gradual process you may not notice until it’s too late. A house’s siding has been designed to protect the interior structure from the harsh elements. Is it time for it to be upgraded? Check your siding for one of the following five signs.


  • Is it falling apart?


Is your house’s siding falling off at an alarming rate? Do you constantly have to hire a handyman to go onto the ladder to reset it in place? Perhaps you’ve had to buy new siding from the store and patch it up. Now it looks uneven, but you’re uncertain whether it’s worth painting. It may be time to do some exterior home improvements.


  • Is there excessive dampness within the home?


If your home is starting to feel damp inside and you can’t seem to get it warm enough, your siding may be failing. This can be causing dampness and moisture to get into the structure of your home. Over time, this can cause major problems, such as issues with the development of mold that can infest your entire home. And while you’re having your siding done, you may want to do some replacement windows too, that can help provide energy bill savings.


  • Are little critters finding their way into your home?


If your siding is falling apart, this can be an opening for little critters to get in. They love the warmth of a home. You may start seeing a lot more insects too. There may be cracks and gaps starting in your siding. It’s time to withdraw the invitation and get the siding contractors to install fresh new siding and do other exterior home improvements too.


  • Does your siding look like it is fighting the wind?


Even if the siding hasn’t completely fallen off yet, it may be loose. If you ever hear any exterior noise during a wind storm, it may be the siding banging against your house. It’s only a matter of time before it comes off, which can be a safety hazard for people walking past. This is a sign that you need to call the experts to do exterior home improvements.


  • Are you uncertain if your siding confirms to fire regulations?


When was the last time the siding contractors came by and fully replaced your siding? If you’re the new owner of a house, you may have no idea when it was last done. Did you know that siding contractors use fireproof and flame-retardant siding now? Not only will your home look brand-new if you hire siding contractors to tear off your old siding and install with new, but you’ll also be conforming to industry regulations that will keep your family safe.


You may experience many other signs that it’s time to upgrade your siding. This may also be the perfect time to get replacement windows or have the roof done too. Soon your home will look brand new, for only a fraction of the cost of buying a new house!


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