Kitchen islands are versatile, and the options are seemingly endless. While the advantages might seem straightforward, it can be overwhelming to choose from such a large number of possibilities. Kitchen islands can bring many benefits, including more storage, an extra countertop, a place for seating, improved circulation, another sink, cooking area, or more. Here are a few ideas for yours:

  1. Seating: The most commonly recommended use for a kitchen island is seating, as they become a gathering point for family and guests. From homework to snacks, seats can bring cohesiveness to your kitchen. Be mindful of the height of the seat itself, length, and spacing between chairs.
  • Storage: Adding more space to your kitchen with cabinets can be a no-brainer, yet many kitchen islands are not double-sided. To maximize storage, your kitchen island can have cabinets included on the back side (beneath the stools) as well. These somewhat hidden cabinets can be ideal for storing holiday platters and other sparingly-used kitchen tools or gadgets.
  • Outlets: If you use blenders, mixers, or simply want to charge your electronic devices, outlets can be a perfect addition to your kitchen island. You can also consider putting an outlet in a drawer or cabinet to hide devices while you’re rolling out a pie crust or chopping meat.
  • Fridge: Cabinet or drawer fridges are perfect for grabbing a snack or drink without interrupting the overall kitchen workflow. Consider adding a small fridge at the end of the island furthest away from the chef’s hustle-and-bustle.
  • Microwave: Serving a similar purpose as the fridge, place a microwave in an inconspicuous place so people can heat snacks without getting in the way. Additionally, by adding the microwave to your kitchen island, your cabinets or countertops will be free for more work surfaces and limit visual clutter.
  • Sink: Two sinks might seem like overload for a kitchen, but if you designate one as a “prep sink” and the other for cooking or dishes, it eases the congestion around a single sink. Just imagine…no more dripping water between transfers from the sink to the island.
  • Garbage: As with any main work area, it’s essential to have a trash can nearby. You can easily wipe food scraps or crumbs off the surface directly into the bin. Super convenient, this is also a great way to free up space throughout the rest of the kitchen.

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