Bathroom lighting is critical yet often overlooked or underperformed. We frequent bathrooms before going to bed and after waking up in the morning, and there should be ambient lighting for bedtime, however, be bright and welcoming at daybreak. Light, particularly daylight, sets our circadian rhythms, which play an essential role in our overall health and wellness. The answer to taking the correct medication (seeing clearly), avoiding falls (recognizing water on the floor), and more troublesome bathroom issues are all solved with proper lighting.

Illumination The amount of light needed in a bathroom varies due to a few factors. Ideally, the lighting should vary based on the type of activity being performed, such as shaving or using the restroom. Dimmers can be tremendously helpful, as it is ideal to over-light an area and reduce than under-light with an inability to increase.

Daylights Natural light is the best way to regulate sleep/wake cycles (circadian rhythm) and brighten moods. Instead of one window, perhaps add two, or a larger-than-originally-planned window to increase lighting. Skylights lets in two- to three times as much illumination as the same-sized window. Larger windows also increase lighting and let sunlight in.

Vanity lighting Optimum lighting includes fixtures mounted on either side of the mirror at eye level. No part of the face will be in shadow, which sometimes happens with overhead vanity lights. LED bulbs are much easier to dim than fluorescent, and incandescent bulbs are being phased out throughout America. Plus, LEDs are much brighter than their counterparts. They don’t get hot and they last much longer as well.

Illuminate the tub Hanging light fixtures above bathtubs is against most building codes and is not only discouraged but simply not done. No open or hanging lighting can be within eight feet of the bathtub, nor three feet next to it. Placing tubs underneath a feature window or skylight is the best bet, which lets the light in but doesn’t cause a hazard.

Night light Bathrooms are usually frequented in the wee hours of the night, so it is critical to provide some light to ensure safe maneuvering throughout the darkness. A low-wattage nightlight either on all night or that responds to motion is a simple solution. LED lighting under vanities or countertops is perfect night lighting and provides a lovely ambiance to the room’s overall aesthetic.

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