Whether you refer to them as bathrooms, restrooms, washrooms, or the lavatory, we all spend time in this (sometimes) fashionable room. Thanks to COVID-19, this year’s Kitchen & Bath Industry Show and International Builders’ Show were completely virtual. Keep reading to discover what’s to come in the world of 2021 bathroom design.

Freestanding Bathtubs
You can thank COVID-19 yet again for giving us more time in the restroom during 2020. The industry saw a significant increase in the number of people utilizing bathtubs, as more prominent companies reported a rise in bathtub interest, leading to sales. People who have been spending more time at home with their spouse or children often look to the tub as a retreat; a way to unwind behind a closed door. Freestanding tubs in particular have been a popular choice, and retailers have answered the call, offering different styles, heights, colors, and finishes.

LED Lighting
While LED bulbs aren’t exactly novel, the light fixtures, chandeliers, and strip lights are continuously making style advancements. Hidden LED lights in particular have been all the rage; some turn on when you open cabinets or cupboard doors, while others light up mirrors or shelves. Certain LED strips have been used to illuminate areas above bathtubs, around mirrors, and inside vanities. When used underneath bathtubs, hidden LED lighting gives them a unique floating appearance.

Filter Showerheads
Water pollution and chlorination isn’t just a factor for drinking water. People are growing more concerned about the dangers posed by unfiltered water when it comes to themselves or family members. From water purification filters to scented in-shower boosters, showerhead manufacturers are pulling out all the stops: and consumers are happily supporting the changes. Technology has been implemented as well; some showerheads integrate with Alexa and Google for voice-activated assistance.

Bidets are fairly standard in French homes, and many Americans are catching on to the trend. These low-mounted versions of a sink were invented in 17th century France. Though the idea isn’t unique, the technology that accompanies newer versions are. Some come equipped with heated seats, oscillating and pulsating rinse wands, deodorizer, and dryer.

Multi-Faceted Faucets
From two-tone to two-texture finishes, faucets come in a variety of colors, styles, and finishes. Some faucets boast a smooth overall finish with a wavy, water-like finish on specific areas such as handles. Matte black and antique gold are two fresh finishes to accompany the metallurgic designs.

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