Broader interest in disinfectant applications has been sparked by the COVID-19 global pandemic. One sanitation method, germicidal ultraviolet light (GUV), is effective for disinfecting areas, including killing viruses and bacteria. However, a major drawback of this technique is that it is harmful to human health. Thus, GUV use is limited in occupied spaces.

Researchers at Columbia University Irving Medical Center released a study that found UV-C to be effective against influenza and seasonal coronaviruses present in airborne droplets. According to the research, continuous exposure would kill 90 percent of airborne viruses in about eight minutes. In 11 minutes, 95 percent of airborne viruses would die, 99 percent in 16 minutes, and 99.9% would be eradicated in 25 minutes. This new technology has recently been commercialized by Ushio Inc., Tokyo, and is emerging in the North American lighting market through Atlanta-based Acuity Brands.

Filtered far-UV-C cannot reach or damage living cells in the body (within recommended limits) as it does not penetrate the eye’s tear layer or the skin’s outer dead-cell layer. Real-world effectiveness was not measured in the study, so further research is needed. Nevertheless, the promising results suggest filtered far-UV-C has the potential to disinfect occupied spaces as well.

Ideally, areas with high social interaction levels (restaurants, offices, classrooms, public bathrooms, sports venues, public transit, retail, gyms, healthcare areas, etc.) would benefit from the new technology. Permanent pathogen mitigation has a bright future with UV light.

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