With an increase in electrical homes nationwide, the end goal is to use electricity for heating water and living areas, cooking, vehicle charging, and more resulting in a lower reliance on non-renewable energy. A recent report from Pecan Street outlined how roughly 48 million residential homes throughout the United States will require upgrades to transition from fossil fuels. Residential electrification in total could amount to up to $100 billion, with an average cost of $2,000 for each panel.

The report states, “We estimate that more than half of the new homes being built today have electric panels that will not allow for full home electrification.” For 2020, that amounts to roughly 550,000 homes that will eventually face “a needless roadblock to transitioning away from natural gas.”

Existing electrical panels create challenges in the effort to fully-electrify homes through:

  • Panel sizing
  • Building and energy codes
  • Incentives through utilities

According to the report, “If electric panel upgrades are not managed proactively through policy and incentive programs, the cost and hassle have the potential to be an obstacle for millions of consumers trying to electrify their homes.”

Ranging between $1,000 and $5,000, electric panel upgrades can take weeks to accomplish. Some of the hurdles include waiting for permits and hiring an electrician, both of which can take some time. The report suggested utility companies offer incentives for upgrading electrical panels in existing homes to counterbalance these setbacks. State and local governments should also update codes for new construction to require the panels can withstand full house electrification.

The report stated, “This minimum panel size could be a requirement for new construction written into municipal, state, or national electric, building, or energy codes. These policy changes would remove critical roadblocks to full electrification and avoid combustion fuel technology lock-in, which would result in continued greenhouse gas emissions from these fuels for decades to come.”

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