Florida’s power grid was recently demolished by Category 4 Hurricane Ian, and crews are furiously rebuilding using poles, generators, and wire. 

Hurricane Ian was one of the strongest storms ever to hit the United States and the deadliest to hit Florida since 1935. The catastrophic losses totaled tens of billions of dollars, killing more than 150 people. Millions of people were left without power in the storm’s wake.

Industry officials were initially concerned about future storms causing more damage before relief efforts could finish. They also warned that the nation’s supply chain issues could slow the recovery as well. 

A shortage of distribution transformers is plaguing the United States. These are essential for lowering electricity from high-voltage lines and reducing them to levels adequate for home and business. 

Joy Ditto, president and CEO of the American Public Power Association said, “It’s a critical component to the electrical grid that has been in scarce supply for a number of months now. We started to recognize it as a national concern in late winter, early spring, and the situation is getting worse.” 

Ditto explained that transformers are now taking over a year to arrive after being ordered, when it used to take roughly three months. This issue is causing electrical component companies to swap boxes with utilities seeing a shortage. 

About six transformer manufacturers throughout the United States are suffering through labor and raw-material shortages, mostly because the steel used in transformers is made by a single manufacturer. The National Rural Electric Cooperative Association questioned the Energy Department about suspending a 2016 efficiency standard which they believe is responsible for the steel shortage. 

Though the shortages plague many companies, the efforts being made are ensuring materials can be shared with those who need them most. Hurricane and other natural-disaster relief are prioritized in terms of supply, crewmembers, and more. 

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