The exterior of your home, your homes curb appeal reflects a great deal on how your home is viewed overall.  Many homeowners look for ways in which to spruce up the exterior of their home.  One way that this can be achieved is with the installation of a new aluminum fence.  Not only does an aluminum fence increase the aesthetics of the property it increases safety while increasing the homes overall value.

Aluminum fence panels are created from a corrosion resisting property which allows it to last longer than other fence materials.  Even with its corrosion resisting nature, aluminum fences like everything in the world require routine maintenance. Below are a few tips for ways you maintain your aluminum fence better for long-lasting results.

Regular Washing

Fences being out in the open are prone to the building up of dirt, mud, grass, mold, and unwanted growth if left unmaintained. Because of this very reason as a basic cleaning ritual, it is advised to use a pressure hose regularly on your fence to remove any sort of accumulated debris that might cause damage to it.

Routine Levelling Check

A routine checkup of your aluminum fence is suggested to ensure leveling. It’s easier to check and devise leveling of your aluminum fence on a windy day if you see it swaying and tilting on one side because of the wind pressure then be sure to secure it as it appears to have loosened up.

Scratches and Chipping

Aluminum fences face scratches and chips that are easily maintained and should not present the issues that arise with other types of fence materials. Use some exterior touch up paint specific for aluminum fencing and it will be as good as new.  Other fencing materials such as wood require yearly staining or word protection to keep it looking as good as it does when it is first installed however this is not the case with aluminum fencing.

Avoid Chemicals

Aluminum fencing is powder coated and therefore when maintaining them it is important not to use harsh chemicals.  Most household cleansers, abrasive chemicals, harsh agents, acidic solvents, steel wool, and industrial type cleansers should be avoided.

For greater maintenance repeat the above maintenance tips to fully protect your aluminum fence, because maintenance costs less than a full replacement. In other words, protect your fence, so it can protect you for longer.

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