Aluminum fencing provides many benefits to a yard and when it comes to installation it can be one of the easier materials in fencing to install.  It will last much longer than your average wood fencing and will also look better for longer, with no need for repainting or yearly maintenance.


Perhaps the greatest challenge in installing aluminum fence panels and aluminum driveway gates will be due to the natural obstacles in your yard.  Often it’s not a simple fix to remove trees, slopes, or hills in your yard. Often your yard may even look nicely even when it isn’t. The only solution is to either install the aluminum fence panels around the obstacles, or over them. Your greatest puzzle will be how to do it.

Racking Method

Aluminum fencing has the benefit that the panels will always face downwards. This happens even if the post itself doesn’t and your pickets will still stay standing. This is a process in the industry called racking. It allows your aluminum fence panels to follow the natural slopes of your yard. Your aluminum fencing will follow the natural slopes of your yard, whether the land goes uphill or downhill.


It’s better to choose a fencing height that follows a specific slope. These different heights can follow different types of slopes. When using the racking method, it helps to have an uninterrupted slope but this is rare.


Each and every yard is different. Usually they follow one of three different types. To use standard racking, you need to have small slopes, regular racking for medium slopes, and heavy racking for steep slopes.  Your yard may also overlap with your aluminum driveway gates. You’ll want to ensure that your fence works for the size of area you are installing your fencing on.

Raked Or Stepped Fencing

There are two more choices in aluminum fencing: raked and stepped. A raked fencing will go follow the slopes no matter its ups and downs.  Stepped fencing will rise upwards like a set of stairs. Are you wondering which is going to be best for your property?


If you install a standard fence, it will leave gaps. A stepped fence will not. Gaps can be riskier, particularly if you have pets or small children. It may also let critters into your yard. A racked fence can be visually unappealing. You’ll have to decide which will look more visually appealing to you. Some people don’t mind the look of the gaps, while others like the look of straight lines.

Ask The Experts

There may also be factors that depend on how steep the slopes in your yard are. Even aluminum fencing can have limits as to much it can be raked or stepped. Often it’s best to let the professionals install aluminum fence panels and aluminum driveway gates, because they’ve had the experience of installing fencing onto landscape slopes. They can advise which types of aluminum fencing will be right for your front, side, and backyards. Once your fencing has been installed, it will make your home more inviting and appealing.


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