Nothing compliments a backyard pool area quite like the pristine swimming pool and well-pruned landscape.  It is the focal point of the backyard and provides a view unlike any other.  Not only are pools a visual skeptical they are often a source of concern when it comes to safety.   A pool fence needs to be installed properly but a prerequisite that designers struggle with is making the fence attractive so that it provides safety and does not tarnish the landscape.

One of the things that consumers worry about is rust.  However, not all fences are equal when it comes to rust or decay.  Aluminum is one of the materials that fences can be made from without concern or worry about rust.  Aluminum fencing is coated with a powder coating that helps to prevent rust and provide a minimal maintenance fence.

Rust normally forms when water or moisture reacts with certain metals mostly steel and iron.  The reaction causes the metal to decay.  This type of rust can only be stopped by taking off the affected metal off.  This reaction is not caused from metal or moisture reacting with aluminum.

Aluminum fences are not made from iron or steel.  They do not decay in a similar fashion as iron and steel.  Aluminum is affected by moisture and water but it is not harmful like it is with iron and steel.  When water and moisture reacts with aluminum fencing it is called oxidation.  The oxidation of aluminum happens when a thin layer of covering forms on the area that is logged with water.  Ironically in aluminum this makes the affected metal stronger.

It also only affects the area where the moisture or water has settled.  The rest of the fence remains unaffected.  This ensures that the fence stays intact and does not spread which makes it a perfect choice for your swimming pool fencing.

Aluminum is a better material over others in functionality, elegance, and beauty that don’t need to be maintained continually.  Your aluminum fence comes with a powder coating that helps stop and prevent a special powder coating that helps protect unsightly rusting.  The special powder that is used to protect the aluminum even before the process of oxidation begins.  Aluminum fencing needs minimal care.

Selecting the right type of metal for your swimming pool is very important to consider the element of rust, maintenance levels and more. Safety is of paramount importance and comes first when it comes to metal pool fencing.

Typical Metal Swimming Pool Fences Regulations

  • The top of the fence should be 48 inches above the grade
  • The gap should be less than 4-inch
  • There should be no notches or indentations
  • Fences should not have anything that facilitates climbing

Aluminum metal pool fences are the perfect choice as it is immune to any ill effects and will not only add beauty to your swimming pool but ensure the safety of your family members with minimal effect on your pocket.

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