The addition of a new fence to your home can serve various purposes: privacy, stopping wild animals from gaining access to your yard, and protecting your children and pets. However, a new fence in the yard serves another purpose, it adds value to your home.

With lots of homes in the market and lots of buyers too, you must sweeten the “taste” for potential buyers to attract their interest. Privacy fencing is one of the few exterior home improvement plans that can enhance the beauty and value of your home. How so? Here are a few ways the addition of privacy fencing can increase the value of your home.

Improves Curb appeal

The installation of a privacy fence generally adds to the cub appeal and value of the home. However, not all new fence installations would increase the value of your home. A chain link fence may prove to be less costly, but its resale value would be very minimal over time. On the other hand, an aluminum gate may be expensive to install, but it massively increases the overall beauty and resale value of the home. There are companies that build and provide wholesale aluminum fence panels, specific for your home design and local weather conditions. When a buyer has a wide range of choices to make, unique homes such as those with aluminum gates easily stand out.


new fence installation provides a sense of belonging to a potential buyer. Although it may not totally guarantee the security of a home, it provides some form of deterrent, making it more difficult for people to gain access to your property, especially through the backyard area that is less visible. Every buyer needs an apartment with some reasonable level of security. An aluminum gateinstallation is especially ideal for this purpose.

Reduced Chance of Litigation in Future

Privacy fencing establishes some form of clear boundaries and this would decrease the chances of any future litigation since your neighbor would be unable to intentionally encroach onto your property. Although there is always a chance there could be a property dispute in future, the addition of a new fence helps to assert ownership of your property and decrease the chance of intruding, whether intentionally or inadvertently. If a buyer feels that there could be a litigation problem with an adjoining neighbor in future, this will largely reduce the value of your property. With the installation of privacy fencing, the buyer would have a great level of security and full ownership after purchase.


Animals such as deer could destroy the gardens and landscape of your property. Gardens considerably improve the resale value of any home. The addition of privacy fencing would prevent entry of unwanted animals that could compromise the garden and overall landscape of the property.

If built by professionals and maintained over time, the addition of a new fencehas a significant impact on the resale value of a property whenever you decide to sell. While it may not have monetary value now, you can rest assured you would be getting some good returns when it is time to sell the property.

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