If you’ve built a pool in your backyard or an older fence is falling apart, it may be time to buy a new fence and you are right to consider an aluminum fence and gate. Many cities require that a fence be installed around a private residence’s backyard pool to conform to safety regulations. You can save money by purchasing wholesale aluminum fence panels and aluminum gates and then install them yourself.

This do-it-yourself aluminum pool fencing installation guide will help to ease the process of installing the fencing.

If your property adjoins another property, discuss the new fence installation with your neighbor. If it simply replaces one that was there, it will be a simple process. If not, there may need to be property lot plans obtained from the city, or a survey may need to be done to avoid any property line disputes. Also, working with your neighbor may mean that they are happy to split the cost 50/50. Also check to see if you need to apply for a building permit or conform to other building requirements.

You should also know that aluminum fencing is good for level led land, gentle dips and extreme slopes. There is no need to choose a different fencing type if there are extreme slopes in your landscape. Since you are installing your fence around a pool we will assume that the landscape is without extreme slopes and level.

First, unpack your fencing parts and read the installation instructions. Depending on the type of aluminum fencing panels that you have purchased affects installation. Inside your fencing package will be end post panels that are used for the starting and ending points of your fence. There will be corner posts that have holes on each side where fencing panels can be installed. There are also line posts that are used for straight runs of fencing panels.

You will then need to work out where exactly your fence will be placed. You may wish to place small stakes or markers around your pool. Don’t forget to do corners and include adequate space for aluminum gates. You’ll want to string around your stakes and consider the measurements provided by the manufacturer.

Your next step is to dig into the ground, so you can place your fence posts. You may use a post hole digger or a power auger. There will be information as to the depth and diameter of fence holes that you need in the instruction manual. After the hole is dug, pore in six inches of gravel. This will help to drain water away from the bottom of the posts.

You then set your posts into the hole. The next step involves fastening the fence panels between each one, then installing the gate.  Soon your wholesale aluminum fence panels will safely surround your pool. The aluminum gates will provide an additional layer of protection for keeping small animals, pets, and children safely away from the pool when not in use.


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