The idea behind age in place remodeling is to help baby boomers who want to retire in their own home as, to do so safely, independently, and comfortably regardless of their income or ability level. Besides living on your own home is a lot cheaper.  Seniors seem to be happy and enjoy some perks of being close to their loved ones, where they can get on with a life that is familiar to them as opposed to a nursing home or aged-care facility. There are, however, many potential risks for injury to seniors as they age lurking around their homes and making a few but vital modifications can significantly minimize such risks.

Types Of Age In Place Modifications

Examples of simple, cost-effective age in place modifications that an aging in place contractor can make include but are not limited to mounting additional railings and grab bars, installing nonskid flooring, turning a regular tub into a walk-in bathtub, installing a hand-held flexible shower head,  increasing lighting, installing accessible switches at both ends of the stairs to boost visibility, and minimize the risks of falls.  Falls happen to be the leading cause of distressing death with seniors.

Bathroom Updates For Seniors

The bathroom is one area that can greatly benefit from aging in place remodeling because lack of support in the shower or bathroom certainly increases the risks of accidental fall. The bathroom is a constantly wet area and one of the best ways to improve this situation is to install a shower without a threshold so that somebody in a wheelchair or walking aid can move in and out freely even without help.

Choosing a flooring material for the entire bathroom floor is equally important.  It entails picking a material that is slip resistant, one with an anti-slippery coating that doesn’t move out of place, one that is easy to move over with a cane, walker, or wheelchair without slipping, it should also be one that doesn’t require too much cleaning and maintenance. Bathroom flooring materials such as stone, ceramic or porcelain should be avoided because not only are they hard and unyielding,  they also require regular maintenance, they are cold to the feet, and above all, tiles with wide grout joints or uneven surfaces can be a trip hazard for seniors.

Changes To Your Lighting

Bathroom lighting for age in place remodeling is very important because too much lighting or lack thereof poses a risk of tripping. Puck lights are modern and versatile lighting solutions that an aging in place contractor can install inside cabinets or as under cabinet task lighting. Light fixtures with a built-in occupancy sensor are ideal for aging in place bathrooms and if possible for the entire home. Important also is to choose faucets that are easy to open with little effort as well as adding non-slip railing along the walls for additional support and bring all cabinets to a comfortable height that a senior can reach upwards, but not too low as you don’t want seniors to have to bend over too much.

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