For any company, throwing a large event can be a very unpredictable experience. It’s hard to gauge exactly how everything will shake out even if you’re the most meticulous planner in the business. Unexpected issues can arise from any area, from troublesome guests to shoddy technology. While a great number of unforeseen issues cannot be avoided or predicted, there are elements of a great event that can be. Choosing to hold your event outside or in an event center can be a big choice that leads to your event being a big success or it can ruin the entire day or evening. There are a few elements to consider when making such a choice.

Visual Interest/Location

Location is a very obvious but very crucial element to holding an event outside. While you can decorate an event to an extent inside, business hotel conference halls and event centers can all look only so visually appealing but may be more than adequate for corporate events. Holding your event outside in a beautiful area of the state or country can give your event a visual splendor that costs nothing outside of a higher booking cost. An event taking place near the Colorado mountains will give a much higher visual quality to any event compared to, say, the farmlands in Iowa. While budgets for any event can vary it certainly helps to plan, if having the event outside, to have it in an area that can lend to the overall visual quality of the planned event.

Noise Levels

The overall size of your event can influence the noise levels no matter how many guests attend. For smaller events, it’s possible to have more guests show up than expected and that can make it hard for guests to hear over the chattering of other guests around you. Even with larger event spaces, the higher ceilings can elevate the sounds to an uncomfortable degree. Holding an event outside can ease the noise levels substantially, as the obvious lack of walls can let voices travel across the abyss of the landscape. Conversely, having a speaker at an event can be troublesome outside as using devices like portable speakers can be unpredictable when outside, causing guests further back to get only mumbling sound.


Naturally, the weather outside is a large issue for outside events. Not only is the weather incredibly unpredictable but it can be small and harmless or explosive. Events held outside can experience weather that is easy to wait out or weather that can not only cause delays or cancellations but outright destroy property and rented equipment. While the weather can often be seen ahead of scheduled events oftentimes storms or high winds can break out with no warning at all, giving events little no time to prepare or react. The weather might be the most obvious and crucial element to consider when deciding to hold an event outside, no matter how beautiful or visually appealing the terrain around it.

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