Micro weddings are intimate events with no more than 50 attendees. The time-honored wedding traditions still take place, just on a smaller scale. With the COVID-19 pandemic affecting global celebrations, there’s another option for those still interested in socially-distanced weddings. Moreover, if you and your partner have joked about eloping but can’t wholly forgo all traditions, a micro wedding might be the perfect option!

Location: with a smaller guest list, your chances of scoring the more expensive venue or a unique photo-op with the wedding party will be higher. Some examples include libraries, rooftops, childhood park, cafes, galleries, restaurants, etc. Chances are, they will have their own furniture and sleek décor so that you can save on costs there as well.

Amenities: great food, music, and drinks are a must for any wedding. Since the guest list will be smaller than a typical (non-pandemic) wedding, you can splurge a little when it comes to these details. Now is the time to hire the coveted string quartet you’ve been eyeing or the chef you were considering but couldn’t afford for a large number of guests.

Suit up: it is a wedding, after all, and no matter how big or small, getting dressed up in special attire is definitely necessary. It doesn’t have to be a big poufy gown or a neon colored tuxedo, but the better you look, the better you feel. Plus, you will be able to reflect on the photos for years to come, so you might as well look as best as possible.

Strike a pose: ensuring your special day is well-documented is a no-brainer, but many brides on a budget choose to take the “selfie” route instead. With the smaller guest list, your budget will free up some funds, and those should go to a professional photographer and videographer. You don’t need to have all the bells and whistles of a 10-hour package and extra cameramen, but talk to your photographer about creating a custom package considering the circumstances.

Plan, plan, plan: big or small, weddings still require countless details to be checked off of your list, and the best person to do that is a wedding event planner. Linens, cakes, flowers, color schemes, and so many other details are easily overlooked without a professional to guide you through the process. Moreover, wedding coordinators have the best connections with people within the industry and will often pass along those service deals to their clients.

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