According to most bridal magazines and several wedding blogs it takes at least a year to plan a wedding. There are even check lists telling you when you should accomplish each goal needed to have the perfect wedding. However, as many wedding planners will tell you, it is possible to plan a wedding within a few months or even weeks.


The actual time it takes to plan a wedding will depend on several different things including:


Your Expectations

Many women imagine the perfect wedding from the time they are quite young. They may want a certain venue, band, location. In cases such as these your wedding plans may take longer depending on when the venue is available. On the other hand, if the location of your venue is more general and you have hired a wedding coordinator or wedding planner they may have a list of possible venues and vendors that you contact at book on short notice if they are not booked.


Type of Wedding

Casual weddings often take less time to plan than more formal and intricate weddings. Although it is possible to put together a large wedding with 16 bridesmaids in just a few months it is easier to put everything together for a backyard wedding with just a couple of bridesmaids and less fanfare in a short amount of time. In addition, if you are one of these couples who want an unusual theme for your wedding as a Medieval theme, then it may take time to find the right clothing or have dresses custom made to fit your wedding theme, which will add on time to the wedding planning.


How Much Help You Have Planning the Wedding

Having knowledgeable help when planning a wedding can make a huge difference in the length of time it takes to plan a wedding. Having a wedding planner who has planned several weddings in a short amount of time can help keep you organized when planning a wedding in a short amount of time. A wedding coordinator can be essential in helping you put together a wedding in just a few months.


Your Guests

If plan on inviting a lot of guest many of which live a good distance away, then it may take a bit more time to plan your wedding since your guests will need time to plan for both time off work and making travel plans. However, if most of your guest live locally then it is easier for them to get to the wedding on shorter notice.


Many people feel they need at least a year to save enough money for the wedding, but recent figures show that for each month over 6 months that it takes to plan a wedding 10% is added to the wedding cost so, it is cheaper to get married sooner than later.


The fact is that depending on the couples wants and their own eagerness to get married a wedding can be planned within any amount of time set by the couple and a wedding coordinator or wedding planner can help you with the arrangements.


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