Many people are interested in ways that they can make their events interactive for participants.  From weddings and birthdays to corporate outings and non-profit events, event planners are often tasked with finding ways to make the event interactive so that guests can have a way to be active participants in the event.  To turn guests from passive to active here are a number of ideas to set your event in motion.

  • Inspire Imagination: When you see a canvas that is blank what is the first thing you want to do?  I know the first thing that enters my mind is to draw on it!  This is the case with most people.  One interactive activity that people love is to turn a blank space into something special.  A space or two to doodle with paint, chalk, dry-erase markers, crayons, and more are all great options to give guests the inspiration they need to create a wall of awesomeness.  If you are looking for zero-waste and little clean up some tech organizations are offering graffiti walls out of digital devices.
  • Photo Memories: Photo booths are such fun and very common for events now-a-days. They allow guests to capture memories and leave event attendees with a personalized keepsake.  Depending on the type of event, it may be a nice touch to add props and costumes.  It is even better if the images that are taken can be projected for viewing throughout the venue.
  • Up Close Entertainment: Performers that are allowed to showcase their skills while integrating into the crowd is an awesome way to keep guests involved.  From magicians, dancers, gymnasts, still-walkers and more are popular to work a crowd especially during cocktail hours before and after the main event.
  • Voting Booths: Encourage guests to get involved through voting.  Create campaigns on anything from music to food samplings.  Get creative casting online votes before the event or throughout the event using smart phone devices.
  • Item Testing: If your event is to introduce a new product or service allow attendees a firsthand experience.  Find a fun way for items to be used from massages to pedicures and cookware to paint incorporating a way in which attendees can use your product or services.
  • Teach Guests Something New: A great way to get guests involved in your event is to teach them something they didn’t know before they came. Maybe it is a fun game, activity, dance move, cooking technique, drink, or whatever the case may be teach guests.  This allows them to be involved while taking something from your event.


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