Celebrating any occasion with friends, family, and business coworkers is always an important part of our lives to take a moment and appreciate the changes that life continues to have for us all. Attending these types of parties always is something to look forward to however hosting or throwing the party can be a completely different story. Often during wedding planning, a bride and groom can get very stressed and overwhelmed with all the planning for instance. Weeding through the hundreds of vendor options and spending endless hours trying to be sure that you are getting the best value for every dollar spent since we all know that large events can be very expensive. Choosing to hire a wedding coordinator is a perfect solution when

Management Skills

With a job title of Event Coordinator, one would expect the individual to be a professional in leadership tasks. One of the main requirements given to an event coordinator is to lead a team of vendors or team of individuals in the party itself to work together to get from point A to point B with as little amount of stress in the proper amount of time that has been provided. Planning a party or event can have a lot of pressure involved since a lot is at stake to reach certain expectations and deadlines are not very flexible. Certain leadership qualities to look for include effective communication, ability to delegate to others, responsible for his or her actions, and a positive attitude since in life things can go wrong and it’s the coordinators job to make this event as enjoyable as possible no matter what obstacles are thrown at it.


Event coordinators not only have to manage a team to allow an event to go smoothly but also have the task of implementing the party hosts’ vision of what the event will become. Event planning is a constant challenge of searching for new ways to complete old tasks to make things more time-efficient. All 5 common senses come into play when creating the perfect event. Having a outside of the box thinking strategy will allow a planner to create unique qualities about an event that will leave a lasting impression on the guests. New technologies continue to change the world we live in and keeping up to date with these new tools will help to stay current with new trends and make events more personal.


From beginning of the planning process to the very end, it is important for an event coordinator to be on top of every detail associated with the event. Some people hire a planner to help with all the vendor choices and venue locations where others only hire the planner for the day of event to make sure the actual event itself goes accordingly hour by hour correctly. No matter the longevity of time needed by your planner, they will be in charge of any activities, coordinating with the vendors, negotiating contracts, and reporting back about progress and timelines needed for the event during planning process and the day of.

Event Planning DC provides full event planning, partial event planning, wedding planning, month-of (day-of) event coordination, event styling/design and decorating services throughout DC, Maryland, and Virginia, with access to local and national vendors who may provide additional services suitable for your event and budget.  We pride ourselves on providing only the highest quality event coordination, giving you and your guests the perfect day, no matter what the occasion including exclusive corporate and non-profit eventsweddingsBar & Bat Mitzvahs, community events and milestone celebrations.  More information can be found online at https://www.eventplanningdc.com.

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