Direct mail has one focus: to be opened. An assortment of tools and tactics can help your direct mail be opened in the hands of potential customers. Once they are drawn to the mail for whatever reason, whether copy, images, ink, paper weight, etc., they are more likely to open it.

When judging mail by its cover, the envelope is the first thing potential customers see. Plain envelopes are “blah” and don’t attract attention to the target. Instead, opt for an inviting, exciting, and unique envelope. With more differences to set your mail apart from other envelopes, the chances of it being opened are much higher.

Ultimately, direct mail envelopes should reflect the contents, but consider how people will be intrigued or how their attention will be drawn to it. Below are some suggestions for achieving stellar direct mail envelopes.

With solid-color envelopes or full-bleed 4-color images, your message will really pop. Look up some color charts to discover which types of emotions you are trying to provoke. 

Personalize the envelope or add an intriguing sentence to get your envelope opened. 

Consider using unconventional sizes or custom shape cuts to achieve a different look.

The United States Postal Service has requirements for thickness, but you can still take advantage of various paper stocks, embellishments, finishes, and embossed text. 

Consumers love making a difference; depending on your target audience, several materials (kraft, recycled, etc.) can help get your mail opened…that are good for the planet, too. 

Special gifts or freebies can be wonderful incentives for people to open your envelope. 

Create a sense of urgency by saying things like, “Hurry – offer ends in 10 days – immediate attention needed!” to hook your potential customers. It’s a tried-and-true method sure to help you get results. 

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