There are plenty of reasons to have an energy-efficient home, one of which includes lower electrical bills. The Energy Efficient Mortgage (EEM) program from Fannie Mae, titled HomeStyle®, is a great way to go green, but what does it consist of, exactly? Read on to find out.

Energy-Efficient Mortgages are used to finance houses that are already energy-efficient (Energy Star-certified) or those that need energy improvements. These loans allow borrowers to qualify for a larger mortgage than they would otherwise.

Energy-efficient mortgages can be for purchasing or refinancing and allow approved borrowers to buy energy-efficient homes or pull cash out of their equity to fund energy-efficient repairs or updates to the landscaping.

Some energy-efficient improvements include:

  • Water efficiency devices
  • Renewable energy sources (solar panels, wind devices, geothermal)
  • Storm surge barriers
  • Earthquake foundation retrofitting
  • Brush and tree removal in fire zones
  • Mud and water retaining walls
  • Air sealing, insulation, windows, doors, etc.
  • Radon remediation

Energy-efficient mortgages can be financed for up to 15 percent of the appraised property value. There are a multitude of advantages when it comes to energy-efficient mortgages, including lowering monthly mortgage payments, decreasing utility bills, and offsetting your initial investment through the years.

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