The process of obtaining a mortgage can be daunting and time-consuming. However, for the amount of work involved – the reward in getting your mortgage pays off in the end. We’ve compiled a few fun facts about the mortgage process to give yourself a break from the daily grind. Read on!

‘Till Death Do Us Part
The word “mortgage” originates from the old French words “mort,” meaning dead, and “gage,” or pledge. Your “dead-pledge” will cease to exist (read: die) once you pay it off, hence the name.

What’s with Red?
If you’ve ever been to Scotland, you might have noticed an excess of red doors. Traditionally, when a homeowner paid off their mortgage, they paint their front door red. Seen as a sort of announcement, the bright color is noticeable to passersby.

Flying High
In the United States, we have our own version of the quirky home exterior tradition. When a homeowner became debt-free, a winged eagle plaque was placed over the front door. While this tradition has already peaked, some homes still bear the metal remnants.

30-Year Mortgages are New
Before the Great Depression, mortgages had short maturity times and usually required a significant down payment. According to “The American Mortgage Historical and International Context,” pre-Depression mortgages had variable interest rates and were negotiated yearly.

More Value
In some countries, mortgages can be taken out for a higher home valuation. In the United States, the maximum value of a mortgage is 97- to 100 percent of the home’s valuation. In the Netherlands, borrowers can take out loans for as much as 115 percent of the home’s value; in the United Kingdom, they can borrow up to 110 percent.

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