University of Michigan Library Closes after Venomous Spiders Spotted

According to an MLive article, the University of Michigan’s Shapiro Undergraduate Library was temporarily closed after Mediterranean recluse spiders were found in the building.

Kim Broekhuizen, the university spokeswoman, said a misunderstanding caused the library to close for two days. The spiders were not in any public spaces; rather, they were seen in the basement storage areas.

Spider experts at the University of Michigan-Dearborn and Michigan State University were consulted for proper identification. Pest management is being applied in the areas where the spiders were seen.

Recluse spiders tend to retreat and are mostly seen in dark, warm, and dry areas. Native to central Europe, they were introduced by human transport to the United States. It closely resembles the brown recluse spider, which it is commonly mistaken for.

In extremely rare cases of bites, loxoscelism can occur, which causes skin lesions. Symptoms can start after a bite in as little as two or as many as six hours. Fever, rash, nausea, vomiting, and death can result in severe cases.

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