Password managers are an essential tool in 2021. Most websites require a username and password to log in or use their services. The human brain cannot possibly keep up with dozens of different combinations. To sidestep this issue, some people use basic passwords like “123456789” or “thisismypassword” or even integrate pet, family member names, or birthdates. Using simple, generic, or easy-to-guess passwords can easily lead to identity theft.

That’s where password managers come in: they store, generate, and manage passwords for you. All you have to remember is a single master password for your account, which is used to encrypt the contents of your password vault. It is imperative that you remember this password (maybe jot it down somewhere safe) because it is likely unrecoverable if you forget it.

Additionally, you can set up two-factor authentication to secure your password manager account. The best password managers support authentication through hardware keys or authentication apps.

Ensure the password manager you are considering supports each device platform you use. Several browser extensions rely on a local desktop component, which might not support all operating systems. The best password managers have browser extensions that function independently wherever you install them.

Complete support for mobile platforms is usually required for most modern password managers. Smartphones are typically used to access secure sites and apps. A majority of password managers translate to mobile platforms without issues. However, automatically generated passwords such as “5^3iojs#0%1@” can be challenging to input on their tiny smartphone keyboard. Thankfully, password manager apps offer fingerprint or facial recognition to fill in app credentials automatically.

Most Internet browsers have an integrated toolbar menu of saved logins and other website credentials. When users log into a secure site, the browser offers to save their credentials. When they return to that same site, those credentials are automatically filled in. This includes first and last name, e-mail address, phone number, credit cards, passport numbers, etc.

When creating new or updating weak passwords, don’t strain your brain to develop something different and solid. Password managers can handle that; you don’t have to remember it, after all. Automatically generated passwords should be at least 20 characters long and include major character types (uppercase, lowercase, symbols, numbers).

Overall, password managers are almost necessary for 2021. With various features, options, and security measures, they are much easier to use and ensure you’ll never forget a password again.

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